Product Applications

Product Applications

Product Applications

Bicycle Components

The buffer foam in bicycle saddles and front forks can be produced using NEXELL physical foaming technology and recycled NEXELL foam can also be used in bicycle accessories, such as: handles, phone stand, recycled packaging, etc.



Damping Components

Phone Holders

Sporting Goods

NEXELL physical foaming elastomer products have lower densities and better resilience. They are suitable for use in the midsoles of sneakers, insoles, protective gear, yoga mats, massage balls, swimming kickboards, and other sporting goods.



Protective Sports Equipment

Swimming Kickboard


NEXELL physical foaming creates closed cell foam, making products that are waterproof and easy to clean. Without chemical residues, the products are suitable for furniture, toys for children and pets, soft mats, and other home products.




Pet Supplies

Auto and Industrial Parts

With excellent impact resistance, shock absorption, and compression resistance, NEXELL physical foaming elastomers are perfect for vibration damping purposes in engines or machine motors, such as for vibration isolation pads and shock absorbers.

Damping and Buffer Components

Cushioning Pads

Damping Boxes

Medical Assistive Device

The waterproof, mold resistant, and easy-to-clean NEXELL physical foaming elastomer is antibacterial, tear resistant, low temperature resistant, bend resistant, and has no chemical residues, making it perfect for use in medical equipment that comes in contact with the human body.

Wheelchair Tires

Seat Cushions for Wheelchairs


Lower Back Protectors