Product R&D Service

Product R&D Service

Product R&D Service

Create More Possibilities Together

The company possesses the best technology R&D and production development team, who provide professional consulting services to understand the needs of customers and the market. The team tailors custom material formulations and production processes for our customers to create excellent products together.

NEXELL Production Features

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Super critical fluid technology, formed by injecting nitrogen gas and free of all chemical agents


TPU, TPEE, Pebax (single material)

Production Process

Free from toxins, odors, chemical residues, and pollution during production, low energy use


Lightweight, tear resistant, good rebound properties, scratch and wear resistant, oil resistant, hydrolysis resistant, low compression set

Micron sized cell foam structure

  • Density: 0.15 to 0.3 g/cm³
  • Hardness: Shore C 30~55
  • Resilience: 50~75%


  • The forming stage takes place inside the mold
  • 1:1 ratio mold cavity
  • High dimensional stability


Fully passed REACH, ROHS


Raw materials are 100% recyclable and reused

Let's protect the Earth together! Go Green, Love Earth.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Physical Foaming

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Process NEXELL (injection) Foam Bead (prepreg/extrusion) Autoclave (prepreg)
Production safety
Energy conservation and carbon reduction
Reduce manpower
Variable appearance
Dimensional stability
Insert molding / Over molding
Factory space utilization
Simple production process
Surface design
Color options


Industrial components

Damping components for precision machinery

Solid tires for small wheels

Suitable for scooters, wheelchairs, baby carriages

Everyday life

Flip flops, sports slippers

Bicycle components

Front fork damping parts

Bicycle components

Bicycle saddles

Sporting goods

Midsoles on sports shoes

Sporting goods

Cushioned pads